Cooking Experiments
Posted 03/09/2018 10:04AM

In Food and Nutrition class, students have been learning about protein and its role in health and nutrition. They experimented with egg whites to observe the transformations that take place when they are beaten or mixed with other ingredients. They divided into small groups, and each group was given a different ingredient to add such as sugar, cream of tartar, water, egg yolks, etc. Students observed the results and documented their findings. Learning these changes will help the them better understand the role of eggs in the cooking process.

Later in the week, classes cooked Cloud Eggs. They began by separating the yolk and the whites. They added Parmesan cheese and whipped the whites until they were fluffy. The fluffy "clouds" were placed on a baking sheet, baked in the oven, topped with an egg yolk, and then finished in the oven.

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