Collegiate Athletes

Many Cub athletes advance to the collegiate level of athletics after honing their skills on Mount Carmel teams. Below is a list of athletes who are currently on college/university athletic roster:


Lindsay Green '11 Oral Roberts University
Taylor Berry '15 University of Alabama
Megan Donaldson '16Millsaps College
Paige Franckiewicz '16Loyola University

Cross Country

Michelle Beavers '11 Southern Arkansas University


Rachel Failla '11
Spring Hill College
Jinjutha “Pair” Noibanchong '11 University of Southern Mississippi


Brooke Gros '12 University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Jessica Leslie '12 William Carey College
Abby Massengale '11 Spring Hill College
Sam Bourgeois '16Sewanee University
Hannah Dheming '16Mississippi College


Alaina Guarino '15 University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Sam Dares '16Nicholls State University


Danielle Dugas '12 Delta State University


Victoria Barbier '15 Millsaps College
Meghan de Baroncelli '11 Loyola University New Orleans
Gabrielle Roe '12
Trinity University of San Antonio

Track and Field

Harley Augustine '11 Loyola University New Orleans
Korinne Sauvage '14
Spring Hill College
Lauren Torsch '14 Samford University
Brooke Petkovich '16Northwestern University
Amelia Bodet '16Spring Hill University


Marlee Bean '12
Nicholls State University
Victoria Boraski '11
Megan Davenport '15 LSU
Kaylynn Genemaras '11
Lehigh University
Katie Kampen '15 LSU
Ashley Lala '11 Valdosta State
Alex Pfefferle '11
University of Southern Mississippi
Taylor VanderWerff '11 Western Nebraska
Kristen Nuss '16LSU
Marissa Lagasse '16University of Louisiana-Monroe

Athletics News



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